Good morning world. What is a morning’s glory? And what in the world am I referring to, when I make the above reference to your Mourning’s recovery? So, asking you those rotating questions that have everything thing to do with mornings and mourning’s. While trying to change the outcome to your life’s story. As you know recently we have been chatting about the AFTERMATH…that has been leading to the AFTERGLOW…that has all been the result of the Devastating TORN-ados, and the yet to be named HURT-icanes that each seem to be destroying everything as they go! Additionally, on your away back home we have been chatting about Earthquakes, Fires, Tornados, and Hurricanes that seem to know your name. That means, thinking about things in many different ways, while wanting you to SURVIVE LIFE’S MOURNING GAME. Realizing on the away back home that we are all on the SAME WILD RIDE OF LIFE. I have recently been writing about many kinds of Disasters, Catastrophes, tragedies and FRIGHTS… that cause PAIN, MOURNING AND CRYING! So, as the MORNING is trying to find its Glory ….With that Recovery MORNING coming after the days of devastations and MOURNING…. With so much Misery and CRYING in the world night and day. I AM AGAIN WONDERING AS PAIN CALLS YOUR NAME..IS THERE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MORNING AND MOURNING! And knowing that there is A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MORNING AND MOURNING. While also needing to find the SIMIARILTY. in the AFTERMATH and the AFTERGLOW… On your away back home I am again wondering is there a way for you to SURVIVE THE LAST HURT-ICANE that has just DEVASTATED YOU. And thinking along those TORN-ado ways what do the words AFTER GLOW, AFTERMATH, MORNING and ..MOURNING really mean to what remains. Well in that SURVIVAL CLUE that’s yet another insightful inquiry that needs some explaining. So, to find out what any of that means, TO YOU let’s get some clarification into the words AFTERMATH, AFTER GLOW MORNING AND MOURNING. And in that needed clarity as we go to the dictionary…we all know that the word MORNING means…. the first SIGHT OF THE DAYS LIGHT. Likewise thinking about the other word sadly most of us personally also know that the word MOURNING means… missing something beloved and dear that has been taken out of your life that once meant EVERYTHING. And the AFTERMATH of the past…. is what will lead you to the AFTERGLOW OF TOMORROW ! So, with some of you NOT FINDING THE AFTER GLOW IN THE MORNING. And instead finding yourself in a growing state of Devastation, also DEPRESSION IN THE MOURNINGS AFTERMATH. While being abused by PAIN again and again….. In many sad situations, I know that right now you are wondering will your MOURNING in the MORNING ever END. Will your CRYING ever go away. WILL YOU FIND THE AFTERGLOW IN THE AFTERMATH. And on your away back home when the MOURNING STOPS will MORNING REALLY BRING A BETTER DAY? So, asking you those SEARCH AND RESCUE questions that have everything to do with what remains! While wanting your PAIN TO GO AWAY. In your MOURNING OF THE MORNING. As I keep wanting you to find the way to recover from the HURT-ICANES CALLING YOUR NAME. Here are yet some more AFTERMATH, AFTER GLOW, MORNING AND MOURNING inquiries and statements for you that will end YOUR PAIN! So, now I am wondering, in the MORNING AFTER GLOW GLORY OF RECOVERY, how many of you Believe…. that there is a way to STOP MOURNING! Furthermore, IN THE AFTERMATH OF A DISASTER how many of you Believe there will always be… a Happily Ever After coming after, at the end of the day? Additionally, how many of you really Believe there will be an END TO PAIN. Likewise, how many of you truly Believe there will be something better coming after the DEVASTATION. And furthermore, likewise, also, and additionally…. how many of you actually BELIEVE that YOU CAN SURVIVE SATAN’S PAIN! So, KNOWING THAT YOU NEED TO DEFEAT THE DEMONS BEFORE AND AFTER THEY CALL YOUR NAME! Making more ESCAPING statements, while continuing on with my AFTERMATH thoughts….. Knowing that more Pain will soon be coming your way before everything STOPS! Additionally on your away back home Knowing to find the AFTERGLOW IN THE MORNING that you need to find the END TO SATAN’S MOURNING REIGN. Likewise realizing that more HURT-ICANES will always be linked in, with all kinds of DEMONIC PAIN….. Seeing that all these Remaining thoughts will always be centering on the DEVASTATIONS that have to do with RUNNING OUT OF TIME! HAVE YOU FOUND THE WAY TO SURVIVE THE MOURNING Day and night. And that’s another enlightened statement that has to do with the AFTERMATH, AFTERGLOW, MORNING and MOURNING in your Soul. And those are all good SURVIVAL THINGS TO KNOW! Because as you are trying to SURVIVE THE FEAR, PAIN and LIES in life….. It will always be obvious that many things will keep rotating, as time keeps flying by. So, knowing if you are MOURNING IN THE MORNING…. THAT YOU NEED TO FIND OUT HOW TO SURVIVE THE PAIN IN YOUR LIFE. While writing about the things that affect your Sight! All of the ABOVE inquiries will Eternally be important to your SURVIVAL and TIMELINE. Therefore, knowing that DEVASTATION will always be the same. BECAUSE no matter what kind it is …..PAIN IS PAIN….While likewise realizing THAT RIGHT NOW everybody is in a whole lot of DEVASTATION! In the overall FEAR of the DESTRUCTION that follows a tragedy….. TO SURVIVE THE AFTERMATH FO THE DISASTER…by FINDING THE AFTERGLOW THAT WILL ALWAYS MATTER….It will always be important to KNOW…that there is a difference between MORNING AND MOURNING!, and between the AFTERMATH AND THE AFTERGFLOW! But for many there will also be a similarity between MORNING AND MOURNING AFTER SATAN’S PAIN BLOWS THROUGH AND HELL TAKES YOUR HAPPINESS AWAY FROM YOU! That’s why, to SURVIVE THE AFTERMATHS MOURNING IN LIFE, AND TO FIND THE MORNINGS AFTERGLOW… YOU NEED JESUS CHRIST TO END SATAN’S PAIN! And that’s great to know every day! Because after SATAN tries to take your Happiness and PEACE AWAY. And after HELL TRIES TO END YOUR Freedoms. While the DEMONS also try to steal your SANITY! After your day of MOURNING. You need to know that JESUS CHRIST will ALWAYS be there in the MORNING to pick up the pieces… And that will always be great. TO REALIZE! Because on your away back home IF YOU BELIEVE ALSO KNOW… THAT JESUS HAS ALREADY DEFEATED SATAN! AND IF YOU BELIEVE ALSO KNOW…. THAT JESUS CHRIST HAS ENDED YOUR DEVASTATION. AND IF YOU BELIEVE ALSO KNOW…. THAT THE BEST WILL COME AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MORNING. Then on your away back home you too will also KNOW that even in the ashes of PAIN found in the RUBBLE OF TROUBLE, there will always be a PEACEFUL MORNING OF GLORY coming in the AFTERGLOW, at the END OF THE AFTERMATHS MOURNING! And in that DIVINE, HEAVENLY MORNING GLORY RECOVERY. You will also realize there will always be a way to SMILE on your face and INSIDE… even when you are Crying! That means, THE MORNING AFTER THE DISASTER there is now, and there will Eternally be, a way to stop the Pain. And that means there will always be a way to END the MOURNING as you find your missing PEACE. And that’s all good to KNOW and BELIEVE! BECAUSE THERE IS A WAY TO END PAIN… NOW AND THROUGH OUT ETERNITY! That means, THERE IS A WAY TO SURVIVE DEVASTATION. THERE IS AWAY TO SEE THROUGH THE LIE. THERE IS A WAY TO FIND THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE! BECAUSE THERE IS A WAY TO DEFEAT STATAN!’S FRIGHT! LIKEWISE, THERE IS A WAY TO CHANGE YOUR MOURNING INTO A NEW MORNINGS DAY. So, BY FINDING THE AFTERGLOW IN YOUR SOUL! THERE IS A WAY TO ESCAPE LIFE’S FINAL MOURNING ROTATION! Therefore knowing that we all have experienced a Hurricane,or a Hurt-icane, or SOME OTHER KIND OF DEVASTATING PAIN! We must realize by following a Trail of Trials, linked in with our Trail of Tears that will either extinguish our flame or keep our Soul’s light bright forever form far and near TO STOP CRYING. YOU MUST START SMILING. AND TO END SATAN’S MOURNING… YOU MUST FIND THE SON LIGHT’S AFTER GLOW IN THE MORNING! NEXT TO GET OUT OF THE MOURNING THAT DEVASTATION WILL BRING INTO YOUR LIFE. YOU MUST DEFEAT SATAN’S FEAR, AND PAINS WHILE SEEING THROUGH SATAN’S LIES! THAT’S WHY, TO FIND THE LIGHT IN THE MORNING ‘S AFTERGLOW AND TO DEFEAT SATAN’S AFTERMATH MOURNING PAIN IN YOUR LIFE .YOU MUST KNOW JESUS CHRIST! But WAIT what if you CAN’T SURVIVE the MOURNING in your life…because don’t know JESUS CHRIST. Well That’s why, Right now you need to DECIDE….. IN THE AFTERMATH OF SATAN’S DISASTER Will you continue to be in a permanent state of pain AND MOURNING AFTER? Or FACING THE AFTERGLOW IN THE MORNING WITH A SMILE. Will you be in a Permanent state of Recovery, since the LORDS MORNING GLORY will always be a part of your life! Well, as for me while already being A SURVIVOR OF THE MOURNING! LIKE YOU NEED TO BE…IN THE AFTERGLOW OF RECOVERY….. I WILL ALWAYS BE TRUSTING JESUS TO BRING ME A BETTER MORNING!” Joslin Fitzgerald…..The Merry Mary Author ………. Thank you for reading my blog. Additionally, thank you for overlooking the small typos and tiny grammatical errors that you might find in some of my writing. Errors by the way that have been made, while I write long hours every day including sometimes late at night, through Blurry also Bleary Eyes! By doing that, knowing just like you, I am an imperfect person too. But likewise knowing that even though I am imperfect. That JESUS CHRIST is Perfect in His beautiful LIFE SAVING message of Heavenly Eternity! Please know you have just been sweetly prayed for. Just as I am also asking that you are praying for me all of the time, in the same way too. And in that Protective, Sharing, Caring Prayer, that will always be full of Love and Amazing Grace from here to there. Please additionally know that every loving, lifeline word that I am writing, is Spirit sent in its Guiding direction and Soul Saving intention that will be leading you to…. Your Prayer of Salvation… Dear Jesus, I know I have done bad things in the past, and that I have done bad things today, and that I will continue to do bad things tomorrow as I am going along my way. Yes with all of the bad things I am doing and saying that makes me a sinner, just like everyone else in the world every day. So, because I am a sinner, I know I need a Savior!……. Therefore, my sins and my unhappiness are why I have come to you today, as I am silently praying. Because I want to be eternally happy, and my Soul needs to be Forever Saved. In saying that Jesus, I Believe that you were born on Christmas Day. I Believe Jesus, that you lived a perfect life that is written down in the Bible to teach me what is wrong and show me what is right. And I Believe Jesus, in your love for me that you died on the Cross to save me from all of my sin’s day and night. Yes, Jesus, I Believe you died, and defeated the grave as you arose from the dead on the third day. So, I KNOW you are Alive Forevermore and that you are living inside my heart and soul eternally night and day! Thus, in Believing and KNOWING Jesus that you are the Son of God! I am asking for your Forgiveness for all my sins that I know, and those I do not know that I have committed, including the ones that I will continue to daily wallow in, as I claim in Your Eternal Scriptural Promise in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that I am now going to Heaven. Yes I claim in my new faith this very Minute that I am Saved from Satan, because you died for me on the Cross. And during the time when you died, I now claim that you also defeated HELL after you went to your grave so you could SAVE MY LIFE. Then in your amazing arising on the third day, that proves you are Alive then and now in every way… I KNOW LOVING A LIVING SAVIOR THAT I WILL ETERNALLY BE SAVED FROM SATAN’S Moldy FRIGHTENING HELL HOLE! So, I know I will not go to my endless grave. And in that Redemption statement that just Saved my life! Thank you, Jesus Christ, because, I am now whole since the Holy Spirit lives within my Soul! Therefore, in this prayer of Salvation. I, Believe, and I KNOW that I am born again into Heavens Home. And in your Biblical Promise of Salvation written in the scriptures I also now KNOW that I have received Everlasting Life! Thus as ask you to change my blind darkness to guiding light you are Now, and YOU WILL FOREVERMORE be my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen……. Absolutely I pray that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Eternal guiding light, and your Savior today. I know I may never meet you here on earth as we are roaming. But if you truly prayed your Salvation Prayer to Jesus requesting Forgiveness of your sins, and asking for your Redemption! You are right now this second Saved from Satan’s Endless Hell and Pain! And going to Heaven. That means, some day or night, I will see you when we go home to Paradise! And you will now PRAISE THE LORD all of the time! Thank you for your prayers and support that you are giving me daily. Please know that I have again just prayed and Celebrated with you, because you are Saved! Oh and one more time, being my Brother or Sister in Christ thank you again for all of your sweet encouraging words and sweet emails that are Uplifting my life, and my writing, as I too am praying for You while going along my Mary way.……………. To see my books, and Movies please go to my web site www.joslinfun.com