Helping you walk through your Valleys, and fly over your Mountains, while showing you how to play on the Rainbows.

By Joslin Fitzgerald

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I am a Christian. I am also a professional children’s book author, a novelist, digital designer and artist. I believe faith, writing and art are songs of the heart. So, just as words paint a story and become a poetic picture in a book to praise the Lord, I see that a canvas becomes living poetry as it too comes to life in the same picturesque way. So, I strive every day to be an artist of words, a painter of life and a follower in faith. – Mary Fitzgerald Joslin / (Author: Joslin Fitzgerald)

Author – Joslin Fitzgerald

Welcome to my BLOG. I hope it uplifts your day and takes you to a happier and better place. Yes, I hope this BLOG gives you a breakaway from your everyday stress and challenges and replaces those things with peace and Faith.

Away Back Home – Blog Post

Hi everyone! To find the nice way to walk through your valleys, and also to fly over the mountains as you play on the rainbows, please click on the “BLOG” link above or the “BLOG” link below to read Away Back Home. ❤️

Merry Movies and Books

Please visit to enjoy the Merry Movies. Please go to to view my animated movies that have been professionally made by a motion picture company. These movies are based on some of my bestselling children’s books.

Five Merry Movie Trailers

 Please click on the link above to view my animated movie trailers that have been professionally made by a motion picture company. These high-definition 30-minute movies are based on some of my bestselling children’s books and can be purchased from my online Merry Movie store. Note: The YouTube videos are NOT as high a quality as the Merry Movies you purchase. – Web Site

Please go to to get additional information and to purchase any of my 17 children’s books. There you will also be able to buy my one-of-a-kind original animated high-definition Merry Movies. Some books and movies will be available for sale and/or rent digitally, on DVD, soft or hard copy and e-book.

A Merry BLOG

Also COMING SOON, a different Merry way to play on the rainbows. So, to get a new kind of break away from reality, and to visit many worlds of FANTASY, why don’t you join your kids by enjoying some great one-of-a-kind stories. At the same time read an adult BLOG where you can be the kid while you read about some Exciting children’s books, or as you watch some amazing MOVIES that are all about inspiration, being happy and MAKE BELIEVE!

I hope you are enjoying my BLOG. Please know that it is very nice spending time with you.