Author: joslinfitzgerald


“Good morning world, on your away back home, have you ever Celebrated the Date? Has a day ever been so important, and Great that BEFORE IT CAME you LOOKED FORWARD TO THE CELEBRATION! And in the same way have you ever been so Excited waiting for a Day to come that before it went away….you […]


“Good Morning World, on your away back home, what do the words Short Supply mean to your life? And asking you that High Price question that has everything to do with WHY some of you are RUNNING OUT OF SUPPLIES. Likewise asking you that same HIGH PRICE question that has to do with WHY SOME […]


“Good morning world, on your away back home, do you know the difference between a BLACK FRIDAY, and a BLACK FRY-day? And wondering what in the world that difference means. While not knowing what a BLACK FRY-day has to do with Any-Thing! But on the other hand being very familiar with your BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING […]


“Good morning world. HAPPY THANKSGIVING?? And making that HAPPY statement that has just been followed by two WEIRD out of place QUESTION Marks. NOT KNOWING IF YOUR THANKSGIVING WILL BE HAPPY! I am still wondering, WHATS ON YOUR PLATE? And asking you that SERVING question in so many different ways. Let me just say that […]


“Good morning world on your away back home, what are you being fed? And wondering what’s on your plate at home, work and in play…. While thinking less about, food, supplies, sides, pies, cookies, and cakes. And writing more about the other things in life that you are being fed in every way. Are you […]